Remarkable paper tablet, with keyboard

I have been using the "remarkable" e-paper tablet for a long while now. In general I am very happy with it. It is lightweight, lasts very long on battery, and significantly helps with the creative process of sketching ideas, doodling, and taking notes.

Recently, the company behind it released a new style of folio with an embedded keyboard. I jumped right in, wanting to see how it feels like.
The main surprise was the method the keyboard folded away. When not in use, you can not even see it is there. The whole unit is lighter and thinner than a bare iPad, making it a breeze to carry around.

The main complaint so far is the unusual location of the backspace key and the sparse locale support. Languages that have on-screen keyboards are somehow missing from physical keyboard settings.

Overall, I am happy. Software keeps improving, and the physical keyboard makes writing longer texts immediately accessible.

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